About C-Scan Corporation
C-Scan, founded in 1988, is the global leader in thermal recorders and Medical Printers manufacturing. Our products are
used in a wide range of Medical, industrial and government application. C-Scan offers unparalleled service and support. Our
success is built around our innovations, our quality and our understanding of our customer’s needs.
Which means engineering our products to meet reliability and quality standards in order that they perform to our customer’s
expectations, even in the toughest environments. C-Scan is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding quality
while being ever mindful of our environment. There is nothing more important than meeting customers' expectations and
providing a top quality product and service.
We support and work with
Biomeds and Hospitals on field replacements of thermal printers and thermal printheads for
some of our products. For a detailed list of these products please see our
Products page.
Company Overview
At C-Scan, quality is our #1 priority. We take pride in our high quality products, and delivering them on time. Moreover,
you will find that "Quality First" is embedded into all of our standard operating procedures. All of our departments share
the same common goal. We strive to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.
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Medical Recording Chart Paper
C-Scan tests and qualifies all the recording papers for all of our OEM printers.  We test for image quality, printhead life
expectancy (typically 100km), cutting, and
thermal image durability on paper.

We also check for chemical contamination, low concentrations of sodium and chloride ions, smoothness and low friction to
minimize printhead wear and corrosion, stiffness and thickness for paper tracking, as well as tear resistance.
In addition to medical applications such as ECGs, EKGs, stress systems and Patient Monitors, we have supported and have
been involved with other many other thermal printing applications such as the food label industry, airline tickets, gaming
tickets, transportation tickets, Post Office labels and many others.
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