We offer a full range of custom and some
off-the-shelf medical thermal recorders
and medical printers varying in width from
48mm to 216mm.
We recently celebrated our 35th anniversary.
We have many years of experience in quality
control, design, and high performance state
of the art thermal writers for a variety of
applications that ensures our customers’
success. We are currently expanding our
manufacturing facility to meet our growing
business and to better serve our customers.
C-Scan strives to meet the needs of our
clients for high-quality & competitively priced
products. The company utilizes leading edge
technology in pursuit of excellence
in thermal imaging.

In Business Since 1988
Global Presence:
C-Scan offers globally competitive prices
without foregoing quality. In addition to
our sales offices in the U.S.A, we have
sales offices in Tokyo, Japan, and in the
near future we plan to open sales offices
in Europe.
Research and development are an integral
part of C-Scan's activities and has made
us a global leader in thermal imaging.
From product Design to manufacturing to
end-user support with unmatched service,
quality and value.
Medical Thermal Recorders:
C-Scan is a leading manufacturer and
designer of thermal recorders and printers
for Medical applications.
Since 1988, we have been a supplier for as
Marquette Electronics and
GE Healthcare.
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